Class Schedule
Kathy's Class Schedule at The Boulder's Resort & Spa

All classes available on Zoom as well.
8:00 Sonoran Stretch 
9:00 Gentle Yoga (55 min.)
10:30 TRX
8:00 Sonoran Stretch 
9:00 Mind and Muscle 
10:00 Foam Roller  NEW*
8:00 TBC
9:00 Zumba 
10:30 Gentle Yoga (80 min)
8:00 Sonoran Stretch
9:00 Mind and Muscle
8:00 Sonoran Stretch
9:00 Pilates Mat
10:30 Gentle Yoga  (80 min.)
2:15   Halloween Zumba Class!!! (10/29 - SPECIAL EVENT)
Zoom ID:   672 460 7373
PW:  Kathy

10:00 Zumba (Live at Terravita - NOT on Zoom)

Please e:mail me for a link or questions, if you have interest!
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Class Schedule at Terravita Fitness Center
 Reservations Only for Pilates Reformer Classes.
   Three people per class.       Zumba is live now!! 
*No Classes in November at Terravita - Stay tuned for December!!*
Stay tuned for some "Pop up Classes!!
All Fitness is in a state of change as we come through this
time of Covid.     We will take this one week at a time!  Keep
checking in to see what is new!!!
Text me at 602-619-5850 or e:mail me at with any questions!
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