Class Schedule
Kathy's Class Schedule at the Boulders Resort and Spa
Formerly the Golden Door Spa at the Boulders

(Personal Trainings Only this Month)

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
8:00 Sonoran Stretch
9:00 Mind and Muscle

8:00 TRX Suspension Training 
9:00   Pilates Mat
11:00 Zumba Fitness

8:00 Sonoran Stretch
10:00 Gentle Yoga
12:00 Zumba Fitness 
3:00 TRX SuspensionTraining
(Modified Schedule August 1 thru 9th during some remodeling at the Spa. 
Minimal Classes to be held at the Member's Club.)

Private/Personal Trainings by appointment. 

Class Schedule at Terravita Fitness Center
(Fitness Center Closed August 7th and 8th)
3:00 Reformer (Reservations Required)
4:00  Reformer (Reservations Required)
5:00 Reformer (Reservations Required)

3:00 Reformer (Reservations Required)
4:00  Reformer (Reservations Required)

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
3:00 Reformer Class (Reservations Required)
4:00  Reformer Class (Reservations Required)

Mat Pilates
Lisa Kassem teaches at 4:00
Tuesdays and Thursdays

10:00  Zumba 
11:00 Reformer (Reservations Required)
12:00 Reformer (Reservations Required)

***Space is available for new sudents at Terravita***

Terravita Classes are only open to members of Terravita:
Health & Fitness

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     Hotel Guests, Day Guests and Members Only