What is Pilates?

Experience the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates is an alternative method of body conditioning which focuses on increasing mobility of the spine as well as stability, strength and flexibility of the entire body. The exercises can be done on a mat utilizing just the body and/or magic circles, flex bands, toning balls and arc barrels.   Pilates equipment includes the Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and Ladder Barrel. 
Personal Training and Group Classes
Maybe you would like to create a unique Personal Training Program that includes a "fusion"of many types of fitness methods.  I am available to provide group Fitness Classes of almost any kind.  I am currently most excited about teaching Zumba Fitness. Join the Party!!!!  Zumba is a fitness class based on Latin dance moves done to Latin and International music that you can't help but move to!!  

I am  no longer Teaching at Terravita

But who knows what the future holds.
I certainly miss everyone!

Health & Fitness

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