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I would love to make a "Mark" on the condition of your mind and body by improving the level of your fitness - by helping you find the mental and physical tools you need to develop the strength, stability and flexibility required for whatever activity you are involved in.  If you are stuck in a rut and think hitting 100's of balls on the driving range is going to help...think again.  You need more.  I can help you with a workout that will assist with your sport or hobby (or hauling in groceries from the car to the kitchen) not to mention your overall health.

  *Improve your Strength
*Improve your Balance
*Improve your Core Strength
*Learn Control and Focus Through Efficient Breath
*Gain Fuller Range of Motion/Flexibility
*Gain Confidence in Your Body and Mind
*Learn to Relax and Enjoy Your Game/Life!
Health & Fitness
I offer all my classes virtually on Zoom!  Text me at 
602-619-5850 if you need the link or read further on my website!!
Katherine (Kathy) Mark has been active in the Fitness Industry for more than 20 years.  She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  Kathy holds additional certifications for Johnny G.Spinning, Reebok Core Board, Resist-a-Ball, BOSU Balance Trainer, Yoga For Golfers, Zumba Fitness and is a fully certified, Level 1 and II, Stott Pilates Instructor.
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 Kathy Mark